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Thu, Dec. 14th, 2006, 04:44 pm
_youngblood_: A Yuletide fic offering.

It's a little dead around here, no? The fandom has been unusually quiet these past couple of weeks. I have been busy with my schooling, but I am now on the brink of a long holiday. As such, I don't imagine I'll be posting any fics until after the new year. So, here is a drabble (not holiday-themed, however) for your enjoyment.

I recently wrote a fic about Evey having an apron fetish. This is somewhat of an answer to that, only quite a bit tamer.

Title: Shower of Roses
Universe: Movie!verse
Rating: PG
Length:: Almost 500 words
Summary: Evey is not the only one with unusual interests.

(Steam and soap and roses.)

I wish everyone happy holidays and a relaxing remainder of the year, as well as a merry new year!

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